Killer Settlement Insights

Our best advice is not merely to tell you to do everything you can to settle your divorce case before it can become lengthy and costly, it is to tell you HOW to get the job done.

Divorcing spouses invariably seem to discuss settlement terms with one another. Unfortunately, society never gave us divorce lessons and completely failed to prepare us for these sensitive and potentially explosive conversations.

This page aims to fix things. It consists of purposely selected professional negotiation insights and tips on what divorcing spouses should say and do (and should not say and do) if they wish to persuade their soon-to-be ex to agree to an out-of-court settlement.

You’re a slob! And you’re an ice queen!

Are You Leery of the Divorce Legal System?

We Have Been Going About Divorce All Wrong

The Least Recognized Reason For Divorce Wars

I Only Want What Is Fair  

Simply Do What Salespeople Do

The Brutal Truth About Divorce Court

The Judge Should Know How Badly I Was Treated

Divorce Is Where The Guilty Go Free

Five Reasons Why Civilized Divorce Is Here To Stay

We Don’t Know Who We Married

I Don’t Trust You Anymore

The Unbelievable Power Of Perspectives

One Spouse Wants A Divorce, And The Other Doesn’t

Divorce Papers Are Scary

Who’s Got Anxiety?

Avoiding Anger And Blame

Is It A Lack Of Sex Or Laziness?

You Started It

What To Say At The Very Start

Create Your Own House Rules

How To Handle Your Spouse’s Aggression

Getting Your Spouse To Open Up 

The Value Of Listening 

How To Convince Them That You Were Listening

Avoid “You’re” Statements

Who Should Make The First Offer?

What If They Make The First Offer?

The Art Of Making A Concession

Excel Only Shows Numbers – Not Feelings

When They Give You An Ultimatum

When They Push For An Answer


I Want My Lawyer To Be A Doberman

I Want Blood

Negotiating via E-mail, Texting, and Telephone

Build Your Spouse A Golden Bridge


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Kari and Richard are staunch advocates of the non-court approach to divorce, and are also active and seasoned litigators with over 80 years of combined trial experience in the Illinois divorce courts of Cook and DuPage counties.