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Simon Barrett’s Book Review
by Simon Barrett in All News, Book Reviews, Reviews

The Secret to a Friendly Divorce

Your Personal Guide to a Cooperative, Out-of Court Settlement
I have to admit that I was intrigued by the title of this book. The Secret to a Friendly Divorce seemed to run contrary
to most peoples’ views on the subject. Divorces mostly seem to be acrimonious affairs with the spite and venom
involved being directly proportionate to how rich and famous the people involved are.

I call it the Jerry Springer effect. Why settle a household dispute privately when you can make a complete fool of
yourself on national TV? The finest examples of the Springer Effect are to be found in your local supermarket. The
ubiquitous Tabloids that seem to exist on shelves leading to every checkout in the known universe are rife with the
sordid tales of misadventure by well known people.

Unfortunately the ‘Springer Effect’ is not limited to just the rich and famous, it operates at every economic and
social level when divorce is the subject. Several times over the years I have been the unwilling recipient of season
tickets to the 50 yard line to watch friends as they become Kamikaze pilots in the process known as divorce. Reason
and logic is thrown out the window, replaced instead with vitriol and narcissism.

That bitch is not getting one red cent of my 401k
I am going take that b@stard to the cleaners

The battle rages. But like so many global conflicts, when the dust settles there are no winners, only losers.

The Secret to a Friendly Divorce advocates a far different approach. OK, I already hear you saying, ‘Oh just another
self help book penned by an author who has no clue what he is talking about’. Well you are wrong J. Richard
Kulerski is a well known and well respected Divorce Lawyer in the Chicago area. In a divorce, particularly a blood
thirsty one it is the legal system that is the only beneficiary. As husband and wife launch cruise missiles at each
other the legal costs mount.

Who’s kid do you want to put through college? Your own or your lawyers?

It is because of this kind of ‘plain language’ that I have developed a great respect for Richard Kulerski. This book
will not make Richard rich, quite the opposite. The Secret to a Friendly Divorce is all about avoiding many legal and
social costs.

Few people in the heat of battle realize that divorce not only depletes the bank accounts, but also the friendship
account. The more efforts are made to recruit people to your side of the battle, the more that troops go AWOL.
Many people do not want to take sides.

The Secret to a Friendly Divorce makes perfect sense. Richard Kulerski bases his ideas in common sense,
unfortunately common sense is often a commodity in very short supply when divorce is the topic.

This is a book that anyone contemplating divorce should read. However, it likely is not a title you should leave on
the kitchen counter or night stand in the bedroom. I discovered this at my own peril. My wife spotted the book, and
stewed for a couple days. Then finally exploded:

Is there something you want to tell me?

I escaped unharmed, she knows that I am a book reviewer. I had a cast iron alibi for having it in my possession, but
it gave me pause for thought. If you are going to buy a copy, be careful where you leave it!

Richard Kulerski has a web site civilizeddivorce.com which is well worth visiting.

To order your copy of The Secret To A Friendly Divorce just go to Amazon.com or Harvardbookstore.com

Simon Barrett

Attorney J. Richard Kulerski as seen in the Du Page County Bar Association

Attorney J. Richard Kulerski as seen in the Illinois State Bar Association

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Judge Michael P. Scopelitis and Charlie Asher comment on Richard Kulerski’s article – How Do Divorce Lawyers Divorce?

This three minute video shows Indiana divorce court Judge Michael P. Scopelitis and Indiana divorce attorney, Charles Asher, commenting on Richard Kulerski’s Huffington Post article, “What Do Divorce Lawyer’s Do In Their Own Divorces?” (READ MORE)

This is a totally unsolicited YouTube video that Richard Kulerski came across completely by accident.
Richard had no prior knowledge of its existence.

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