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Do you dread the divorce legal system? You’re not alone. Most people do.
We help people who want to know where to start.

**Harvard Law-trained mediator and settlement negotiator, published author, speaker, and divorce negotiation coach.


A Friendly Approach To Divorce is LEAST EXPENSIVE, LEAST PAINFUL, and involves the LEAST WEAR & TEAR ON THE FAMILY!

We reach out-of-court settlements in over 96% of our divorce cases. We work HARD to make early settlements a priority.

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You determine if we are a comfortable fit for you.

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Divorce Creates a New Piece of Your Family’s History.
Make It An Honorable Piece.

If you want what is best for your children
If you want to avoid a court battle
If you don’t want your divorce to turn into a horror story
If you don’t want your divorce to drag on forever
If you don’t want your divorce to cost an arm and a leg

Then you have come to the right place.
We make early out-of-court settlements our priority.

The uncertainty of what the divorce legal system has in store for us is can be overwhelming. Adding to the pain of the divorce itself, we are required to enter a legal system that legend tells us is complicated, frustrating, unreasonably lengthy, and significantly overpriced. The solution to this problem happens to be the focus and priority of our divorce law firm. We want to keep your case simple, out of court, affordable, and we have the knowhow, the tools, and the motivation to do it. Our job is to make sure the legal system doesn’t add to your problems or make your divorce more complicated than it has to be. Aside from our 60 plus years of combined divorce trial experience in Cook, DuPage, and Will counties, IL, we, Richard Kulerski and Kari Cornelison, are staunch advocates for the non-court, or settlement approach to divorce.

We believe that going to trial in divorce should be your last resort and that fighting and nastiness should not be the routinely accepted norm. We want to help you avoid the typical hassle that most divorcing couples endure. We are trained, experienced, and certified divorce mediators, certified collaborative law practitioners, and we proudly stand in the forefront of the Cooperative Divorce Law movement in Illinois.

Judge Michael P. Scopelitis and Charlie Asher comment on Richard Kulerski’s article – How Do Divorce Lawyers Divorce?

This three minute video shows Indiana divorce court Judge Michael P. Scopelitis and Indiana divorce attorney, Charles Asher, commenting on Richard Kulerski’s Huffington Post article, “What Do Divorce Lawyer’s Do In Their Own Divorces?”

This is a totally unsolicited YouTube video that Richard Kulerski came across completely by accident. Richard had no prior knowledge of its existence.

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If you find yourself facing a divorce and
needing a dupage divorce attorney, you
now have four options.

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about getting divorced.
We do things differently.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to explain them to you.

We have many success stories, but we can’t share them with you.
They are absolutely confidential.


  • Can I Collect under My Ex Spouse’s Social Security?

    Kulerski & Cornelison

    Answer: This is a general explanation of the social security benefits that you, as a divorced person, may be entitled to receive based upon your former spouse’s social security work record. While there are some additional conditions and exceptions (always check with your local social security office), you can collect benefits under your ex’s social security record if:

    • You are 62 or older; you were married to your forme...

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  • Changing Maintenance Awards

    Kulerski & Cornelison

    The Nine Factors for Changing an Alimony Award

    Terminating, Reviewing or Modifying Maintenance Awards Aside from the 14 criteria that are used to determine entitlement to alimony, Illinois gives the court nine additional factors to use in deciding petitions that seek modification, termination or a review of maintenance. The nine statutory factors included in Sec. 510 (a-5) are as follows:
    1. Any change in ...

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  • MAJOR NEWS: We No Longer Need Grounds for Divorce in Illinois

    Kulerski & Cornelison

    The Illinois law that governs divorce is known as the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.(“IMDMA”). This law has just undergone a major overhaul, which was effective January 1, 2016. Senate Bill 57, which amends IMDMA, has been signed into law by the governor, and is now official. One of the major changes in the law is the elimination of at-fault divorce. Up until now, for the most part, the spouse seeking a divorce had...

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  • Don’t Dive into Litigation

    Kulerski & Cornelison

    Once the initial sting of the “D” word has cooled, the parties of a capsizing marital relationship must start reaching for a lifeboat in order to save what is best for them and for their family unit. DuPage County collaborative law and cooperative divorce law have emerged as powerful alternatives for divorcing partners. These approaches make it easier for the parties to restructure their rela...

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  • Dealing with the Soon-to-Be Ex: You Can’t Win an Argument by Arguing

    While most divorcing spouses do not fundamentally desire the additional pain and expense of a court battle, many wind up in a divorce war without ever understanding what triggered it. There are always the obvious reasons, e.g., one or both spouses is greedy, angry, emotionally handicapped...

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  • What Do Divorce Lawyers Do In Their Own Divorces?

    They try to stay out of court. Despite their familiarity with the system, and despite any perceived advantage they are believed to have, they do everything they can to settle their case before it reaches the court system. Divorce insiders try to resist the inclination to fight. They think going...

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  • What Most People Don’t Know About Divorce Mediation

    Despite divorce mediation’s well-deserved reputation as a sensible alternative to fighting it out in court, we find that few people know very much about it. Divorce mediation is not all that the public seems to think it is. This post aims to clear up some of the common misunderstandings associated...

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  • Nine Nasty Things that Divorcing Spouses Say to One Another

    Divorce lawyers hear it all. We hear tragic stories, engaging stories, and just about every other type of story. We also learn of the dime-a-dozen, intimidating remarks that the other spouse says to our clients. These timeless and overused comments are universal and are repeated daily in law...

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  • How to Sell Your Spouse on a Divorce Settlement

    The best way to divorce is to do it quickly, and as painlessly and inexpensively as possible. To accomplish this, the divorcing parties must be able to settle their differences out of court. This involves persuasion — both spouses must do what they can to sell the other on a settlement that both find...

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  • Four Tips to Help You Settle Your Divorce Out of Court

    Divorcing couples will invariably speak with one another about who should get what in the divorce. These conversations are a normal part of the dissolution process, and provide the parties with an opportunity to vent and to plead their cases. Because the spouses are hopeful of selling the other...

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  • The Biggest Obstacle to an Early Divorce Settlement

    The biggest obstacle to an early divorce settlement is when one spouse wants a divorce and the other spouse doesn’t. This circumstance is not uncommon at the start of most divorce cases. Divorce is difficult enough when both parties agree that it’s time, but having the parties at odds about...

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  • Hold onto Your Hat: Introducing the New Way to Divorce

    I have practiced divorce law for 48 years. I’ve worked with and against just about every type of divorcing spouse imaginable: unreasonable, practical, obstinate, angry, vengeful, combative, miserly, and emotionally challenged, to name but a few. You cannot swim in the waters that I have for almost...

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  • Sane Divorce is about Salesmanship, not War

    Most people do not want their divorce to be nasty. Why would they? No one aspires to spend money on lawyers or put themselves through the legendary rigmarole of the court system. The best way to prevent the divorce legal system from adding another layer of complexity to your divorce...

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