What most people don’t know about mediation.

dupage-county-illinois-divorce-mediation-innerWhat is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is where you and your spouse conduct your own settlement talks but you do so in the presence of someone who is trained to help you to avoid derailment. The mediator doesn’t try to sell anybody on anything but does make certain time-tested procedural suggestions to help you and spouse decide on how you might want to proceed. SPOUSES IN LITIGATION WISH THERE WEREN’T. Whatever … [Read more…]

Rocket Mediation

Rocket mediation is a no-nonsense concept that we developed for people that want to get right to the point. It describes mediation that starts and finishes in one session. Rocket mediation is not for everyone, but it can be of immense help for: Those that are about to enter the divorce legal system … [Read more…]

Single Session Mediation

Single Session mediation is mediation that also starts and ends in one office visit. It is an informative service that we provide to divorcing parties that: Are curious about mediation, but are leery of committing to something they don’t understand; Believe they have worked things out by themselves, but want to be sure they didn’t overlook something; Have already settled their case, but wish to verify that … [Read more…]

Long Distance Mediation – Phone and email

Because of geographical separation, domestic violence, or the preferences of the parties in mediation, a new technique has come into existence, which allows mediation to take place by mail, fax, phone and e-mail. This is done by co-mediators or mediators in two locations. In divorce cases, it is preferable that the two mediators be of different gender. EACH PARTY TALKS TO BOTH MEDIATORS DURING … [Read more…]

Eight FAQs about Divorce Mediation

1.If a couple already agrees on everything, should they use mediation? No. Mediation is for people that CANNOT reach an agreement and need help to resolve their differences. If you and your spouse have already agreed on everything, you do not need mediation because you have already achieved the best that mediation can give you. Rather than seeking a mediator, your best bet is to hire a lawyer … [Read more…]

There’s No Vindication in Litigation

Conflict arises when there is an opposition of needs. Each party will generally have his or her own perspective regarding fairness and entitlement. They can go to court where one will win and one will lose, or they can attempt to settle their issues. In a typical case, the chances of settlement are hindered because the parties see things differently and don’t see how it would benefit them to consider … [Read more…]

Divorce Mediation: No Vindication in Litigation

You don’t see many litigants smiling when they leave court. You do, however. see a lot of happy faces leaving mediation, That’s because the participants have just had the opportunity to state their positions and say everything that they felt needed to be said.

Most clients come into the legal system thinking they have more rights than they really do. It becomes the lawyer’s task to reshape their concept of justice so that it conforms to the law as it really is. Trying to change the way a client sees things can be frustrating and much less …  [Read more…]

Divorce Mediation: Just Give Me the Facts

If you are facing divorce, mediation will probably come up as you join thousands of other couples who are also trying to decide which method is best. Some divorce cases get resolved quickly, but others require a little more planning. This can be done through mediation. There are a wide range of benefits to using mediation, though there are also some things you should know before considering it. Mediation is the process of having a third-party representative, known as a mediator, help resolve any issues or disagreements you may have during the divorce. They remain neutral and help [Read more…]

Save Money with Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a type of conflict resolution for divorcing couples where a trained divorce mediator, usually an attorney, helps guide a couple through their disagreements by keeping them on track to a solution rather than rehashing old issues. By using divorce mediation you can save money over a litigious divorce. Divorce mediation can be part of a cooperative or collaborative divorce process … [Read more…]

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