Your Initial Office Visit


COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY IS GUARANTEED – No one will ever know you were here.

No pressure to file – No pressure to hire us – No sales pitches – No obligation

We will listen carefully as you explain your particular situation to us, and we will advise you as to the law and how it will apply to your set of facts. You will get a comprehensive case analysis. Among other pertinent items, you will learn what your rights and obligations are regarding the allocation of parenting time and decision making, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), and property division. Family Law Software is used to calculate child support and maintenance (alimony) payments.

Many clients ask about legal separation, who will get the house, will they have to move, if they gain by filing first, if one lawyer can handle the whole thing, who pays for future health insurance costs, how to protect their inheritance, if fault matters, and many other important questions.

These and other topics are covered and we’ll also talk about what the legal system in DuPage and Cook Counties has in store for you, and what you can do to gain some control over the cost and outcome of your case.  All of your future financial concerns and all the marital rights and obligations of both you and your spouse will be discussed.

You will receive other pertinent information and guidance, which generally includes:

  1. What the right moves are.
  2. What the wrong moves are.
  3. What the smart moves are.
  4. Info on helpful ways for you to get started.
  5. Recommendations regarding what to say to the children.
  6. Advice regarding when and what to say to your spouse.
  7. What your likely outcome in court might be.
  8. What you may expect from the legal system in general.
  9. Anticipated timetables.
  10. Advice regarding housing, dating, changing locks, credit cards usage, etc.
  11. Advice concerning support and cash flow issues.
  12. Advice regarding credit cards and payments on family bills during and after the divorce.
  13. Advice and recommendations regarding the allocation of parenting time.
  14. An explanation of the workings of the DuPage and Cook County court systems.
  15. Full and complete answers to all your questions (we encourage you to bring a list).

Legal advice is provided, but you are under no obligation to hire us.  We know you are facing a difficult decision, and we will not make things any harder for you.  We will not pressure you to take action, and will not add to any stress or confusion that you may be encountering.

You are invited to call us as often as you wish after your “Learn Your Rights” session.  This is to take care of any questions that you may have forgotten to ask, and to cover any new questions that might come to you after our meeting.

Most people leave this meeting feeling relieved. Much of the mystery of the legal system gets cleared up, and virtually everyone reports gaining some peace of mind. They also gain a sense of confidence in their new found ability to make the decisions that they expect to be facing.




Why should you believe that two strangers (especially when they are divorce lawyers) would go out of their way to charge you less?

The answer is simple:

It is good for business, that’s why. What helps you helps us.

Our client referrals more than make up for the smaller fees. Our clients love the non-court approach, and we love having happy clients.