Five Reasons Why Civilized Divorce is Here to Stay

We all know about human nature and how divorce can bring out the cobra in the best of us. Human nature is not going to change, but our willingness to subsidize its folly must do an about-face.

The way things are going, one of two things must happen: either people stop getting divorced or they find a way to get divorced without using litigation.

The first isn’t happening, and the second is the civilized approach.

Here are five reasons why things have got to change and change quickly:

  1. The public is fed up. Its distrust and fear of the divorce legal system is at an all-time high.
  1. The “I’m going to be my own attorney” sentiment is likely to become more prevalent. However, divorce is not a simple process and not all spouses can or should try doing it – even if the case is friendly – and none should ever do their own divorce if the case is the slightest bit complicated, or if there is an imbalance of power or knowledge between the partners.
  1. Lawyers’ operating expenses and fees are not expected to decrease anytime soon – unless their landlords and employees cut their rates. (As if.)
  1. The number of divorces filed each year shows no sign of declining significantly.
  1. No one wants to spend big bucks on a divorce. Many parties are now spending more on their divorce than they did on their wedding, and this just doesn’t sit too well with most people.

We are not left with many options. The only answer lies in our finding a better way to divorce. This is where the civilized non-court approach comes in.

Of course, this solution is not for everyone or for every case. However, it is an excellent answer for reasonable spouses who are willing to do what it takes to have a reasonable divorce.