I Want Blood

We have all heard how some divorcing spouses say they want blood.  However, one wonders if they have asked themselves these two simple questions:

  • If they knew they would bleed just as much as their spouse, do you think they would still want blood?
  • Would they still want blood if they knew their attorney’s fee would cost them the same as a new BMW? Or a year or two of college tuition?

This is the whole point. Blood isn’t cheap. It sucks up your money, your time, and your own blood. Who in their right mind wants to waste these precious things and get nothing in return except for a broken family and a lawyer with a new car?

It seems obvious that as much as we dislike being nice to our soon-to-be ex, we dislike wasting our money more. This is why the civilized approach to divorce works. We can get pretty doggone nice once we realize what it costs to act otherwise.