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These articles were published in the Chicago Now section of the Chicago Tribune (circa 2011) as part of the Kulerski & Cornelison “The Way We War” series of articles.

Tell Tale Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

What are some of the signs that your partner might be cheating on you? This is a complex subject, and we will defer to Dr. Robert Huizenga who is a leading expert in this aspect of human behavior.

Dr. Robert Huizenga, CSW, LMFT, is a Muskegon, MI Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychotherapist that specializes in the area of marital infidelity.  His web site contains an interesting article link that lists 46 signs of a cheating spouse.  (READ MORE)

What To Say To A Cheating Spouse?

What should you do if you learn that your spouse is having an affair?

If you hope to save the marriage, you should not react the way most of us would by saying whatever comes to mind. This is counterproductive and can easily drive the unfaithful spouse further away. (READ MORE)

Should You Confront The Paramour?

No. Don’t. There is nothing positive to be gained by doing so.

Infidelity typically involves three people, the innocent spouse, the unfaithful spouse, and the ‘other person’ (the OP). (READ MORE)

What To Expect When Ending The Affair

Infidelity is a subject that brings forward a spectrum of comments and feelings ranging from titillation to shock and horror.  If infidelity is suspected in a partnership, it can be a marriage ending act, but does it always have to have this unhappy ending? (READ MORE)

Do Men Get Screwed In Divorce?

This is an interesting question that has two answers, depending on who you ask. Many of us have heard the expression, “she took me to the cleaners.” This is certainly a popular belief among males, but is it really the norm? Probably not. While there certainly are occasions where this is true, it may not be nearly as accurate as the anecdotal stories indicate. (READ MORE)

Who Should Make The First Offer?

Conventional wisdom has always warned against being the one to make the first offer during divorce negotiations, strongly advising us to wait for the other side to go first.  The point of view insists that the party making the first offer rings a bell that can never be un-rung, that it shortens the playing field, and that it sets a limit on the best deal the offer-making party can ever expect to receive.

However, there are now two professionally accepted schools of thought regarding the advisability of make the first offer. (READ MORE)

The Door To Divorce Court

Similar to logs traveling downriver, divorce cases drift aimlessly along in our legal system for a year or two until they form a logjam that bumps into the narrows of the courthouse door.  The divorce you have long waited suddenly becomes terrifying.

The many months of posturing is now replaced by a mad scramble to settle before the trial starts, or preparing for a trial that, statistically, at least, is not going to take place (over 90% of all divorce cases settle before trial, with many getting settled on the eve or morning of trial). (READ MORE)

Do Trial Separations Work?

Not really. Trial separations are often based upon a false premise and are not necessarily what they seem. While they purport to be a step to save the marriage, they are often the first stop of divorce in disguise. (READ MORE)

When Does A Legal Separation Make Sense?

Legal Separation is a classic example of how myth and misinformation circulate throughout society and affect our beliefs.

A legal separation is not the first step of the divorce process, nor is it any part of the divorce process. It is its own distinct type of lawsuit that can take as long and cost as much as divorce. (READ MORE)

How To Sell Your Spouse On A Settlement

Anyone who has ever transacted business knows you must be nice to a customer if you wish to make a sale.  Being nasty to a customer is bad business.

When you’re in court, the judge is your customer – the one you must sell.  Unless you are new to this planet, you will do everything you can to be nice to the judge. (READ MORE)

I Want My Divorce Lawyer To Be A Pit Bull

“I want my divorce lawyer to be part pit bull, part Doberman, part shark, and the rest cobra… someone who will make my spouse suffer.”

Does this sound familiar? Of course, it does.  We have all heard of angry or hurt soon-to-be ex -spouses making statements like this.  The problem is that this is the problem.  Our predisposition to fight is one of the biggest reasons that divorce has become so lengthy and costly. (READ MORE)

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