Are you ready for a quicker and more economical method for handling your divorce?

dupage-county-divorce-without-litigation-200x300The negotiation approach also has two other names – the settlement and the non-court approach.

It is the only alternative to having your case decided in a courtroom and it provides you with a realistic way to save time, frustration, energy, and money during your divorce.

The divorce legal system has been around almost 100 years…and it isn’t winning any popularity contests with the public. Why? Because it doesn’t respond to our need for a reasonably quick resolution at an acceptable cost.

Society struggles with the way we divorce because of common mindset that focuses on fighting, which causes the parties to waste energy, time, and money, This mindset has  had a century to prove itself and it has failed the test.

Things have changed for the better in the past decade or two, and especially in the last five years. We now have alternative ways of going through the divorce process. They are less scary, less time consuming, less destructive to the family unit, less costly, less frustrating, and all around more beneficial to you and to your family.

The concept of trying to settle one’s divorce out of court has been around for decades, so what is so remarkable about the negotiation approach? The answer is simple: we now know how to do it; and, since we have opened our eyes, we’re learning more every day.

A good portion of this website is devoted to the negotiation approach. It comes in four forms:

  1. Cooperative Divorce Law
  2. Divorce Mediation
  3. Collaborative Divorce Law
  4. Knowing what you can say and do to entice your spouse to accept your settlement offer, The Secret To A Friendly Divorce

All four enable you to control the timing, the outcome, and the cost of your divorce. These methods do not work for everyone or for every case.

If your spouse is difficult by nature, challenged when it comes to compromise, or believes in being right at all costs, it is probably best that you skip the negotiations approach and prepare yourself for an inevitable date in court.

The entire negotiation approach does however work for reasonable spouses who are willing to listen and work together toward the common goal of beating the system.

So, if you are ready to promote peace of mind during your divorce, forget the war, and get a strong ally in your corner, then give us a call and we’ll show you how it is done.


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