Divorce Lawyers in Glen Ellyn, IL

Over 70 years of family law experience.

Divorce Lawyers - Glen Ellyn, IL

With over 70 years of experience in serving the residents of Glen Ellyn, ILKulerski & Cornelison is a knowledgeable law firm in all aspects of divorce law. We spends 100% of our time, energy, and creativity helping you to get a settlement BEFORE your divorce has a chance to become frustrating, costly, and harmful to your family spirit.

  • If you want what is best for your children
  • If you only want what is fair
  • If you want to avoid a court battle
  • If you don’t want your divorce to turn into a horror story
  • If you don’t want your divorce to drag on forever
  • If you don’t want your divorce to cost an arm and a leg
  • If you don’t want to see the lawyers get rich




Please give our divorce and family law attorneys a call for help!

We promise to welcome you with understanding, warmth, and professional concern.

We are good listeners, no question is too silly, and no problem is too small. We anticipate that you may not even be near filing for divorce, and we respect that. There is absolutely no pressure is put on you to file or to hire our firm.
  • We welcome your questions
  • We are non-judgmental
  • We want to understand your situation
  • We are discreet
  • We are down to earth
  • We are good listeners
  • We are approachable
  • We care
  • We want to connect with you

No pressure to file – No pressure to hire us – No sales pitches – Totally confidential

We believe that going to trial in divorce should be your last resort. It should not be the norm. We want to help you avoid the typical hassle that many divorcing couples endure. We are trained, experienced, and certified divorce mediators, collaborative divorce law practitioners, and we stand in the forefront of the Cooperative Divorce Law movement.

Save time, money and frustration!

Why should you believe that two strangers (especially when they are divorce lawyers) would go out of their way to charge you less?

The answer is simple:

It is good for business, that’s why. What helps you helps us.

Our client referrals more than make up for the smaller fees. Our clients love the non-court approach, and we love having happy clients.

Our divorce lawyers have years of experience in all of the following family law areas:

  • Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (previously referred to as Child Custody & Visitation) – Our divorce attorney will work with you directly to create an effective Parenting Plan that will reflect the best interests and needs of your child or children (originally referred to as a custodial agreement). This agreement will also be litigated in court, if necessary.
  • Child Support – While the outcome of most child support cases are determined by the Illinois statute, we will guide you throughout all aspects of your individual case.
  • Division of the Property – We will work with you determine the division of marital and individual properties by creating a clear agreement that works in your best interest.
  • Maintenance (formerly known as “Alimony” and commonly referred to as “Spousal Support”) – Maintenance is court-ordered support that one spouse must pay to the other in the event of divorce, legal separation, annulment (Declaration of Invalidity of Marriage), or dissolution of a civil union.
  • Post Decree Issues – If you experience problems with any of the following situations like the divorce agreement are not met, or child support is past due, etc. – we can help.
  • Visitation – Now referred to as Parenting Time, a divorce lawyer will work with you to determine the needs and best interests of your children. An effective parenting plan will then be created and finalized upon your approval.

We welcome hearing from you and we invite your questions. There is no obligation. No one will ever know that we spoke or what we discussed. Everything you say is privileged, confidential, and completely classified. We do not maintain a mailing list and will not contact you unless you ask us to.

We can help you understand:


Calling us is easy – ask for Kari or Richard @ 630-928-0600.

If we are in court or in a meeting when you call, one of us will personally get back to you as quickly as possible. We are extremely discreet with callbacks and reply emails. Just leave your name and a secure email address or personal cell phone number.

Richard and Kari are staunch advocates of the non-court approach to divorce, and are also active and seasoned litigators with over 70 years of combined trial experience in the Illinois divorce courts of Cook, DuPage, and Will counties.