That Scary First Call To A Divorce Lawyer

Most clients report great hesitancy at the thought of making this phone call. Many tell us later that they dialed, froze, and actually hung up a couple of times before letting the call go through.

Some say they were leery about reaching a pushy fast-talker who would try to pressure them into doing something that they were merely calling to find out about.

Calling us is a lot easier than you imagine

This discomfort is normal, and we do everything we can to make this part easier for you.

  • We promise to greet you with understanding and professional concern
  • There is no obligation
  • Your call or mail is free of charge
  • We are 100% discreet
  • Your call or email is absolutely confidential
  • No sales pitches
  • We do not pressure you in any way
  • We want to understand what you are going through

We welcome hearing from you, and we invite your questions. No one will ever know that you called. We do not keep a list of these calls, and we will NEVER try to contact you (unless you specifically ask us to). We certainly DO NOT have a mailing list.

Why should you believe that two strangers (especially when they are divorce lawyers) would go out of their way to charge you less?

The answer is simple:

It is good for business, that’s why. What helps you helps us.

Our client referrals more than make up for the smaller fees. Our clients love the non-court approach, and we love having happy clients.

You will likely speak with our paralegal and right hand, Kate, who will definitely make you feel at home. Most people who speak with Kate quickly want her to be their best friend.

We are ready to help you.

Call now.


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