Rocket Mediation

divorce-mediation-dupage-county1Rocket mediation is a no-nonsense concept that we developed for people that want to get right to the point with their divorce! It describes mediation that starts and finishes in one session.

Rocket mediation is not for everyone, but it can be of immense help for:

  • Those that are about to enter the divorce legal system and want one last chance to settle their case before it gets expensive;
  • Those that are disgusted with the legal system and are willing to spend $575 to try to make something happen;
  • Those who just want to get it over with and are now willing to meet their spouse half way.

These sessions are effective because the mere presence of a mediator can often enable the parties to get through to one another, and sometimes it just helps to hear it straight from a neutral and impartial divorce mediator.

Rocket mediation can last up to three hours and costs a flat-fee of $575 which is payable in advance.


For More Information:

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Richard and Kari are staunch advocates of the non-court approach to divorce, and are also active and seasoned litigators with over 60 years of combined trial experience in the Illinois divorce courts of Cook, DuPage, and Will counties.