35 Telltale Signs of a Cheating Spouse

  1. They are suddenly spending more time on social media.
  2. Their phone and internet use seems suspicious.
  3. They won’t share their password(s).
  4. They won’t let you near their cellphone.
  5. They do not use their cellphone in your presence.
  6. They take their cellphone into the bathroom.
  7. They delete their called I.D. and texts.
  8. They giggle when they supposedly get a text from a sibling.
  9. Your gut is telling you that something is wrong.
  10. You know or suspect that they cheated on you in the past.
  11. They make out of character changes (sometimes suddenly) in habits, dressing, grooming, hair style, etc. They try to look better than normal more often.
  12. They start working out. If they already belong to a gym or health club, they start spending more time there.
  13. They make major routine changes in general, especially work related (altered schedules, more working late, and newly required work-related trips).
  14. They begin coming home late after work (more traffic jams, flat tires, dead batteries, etc.)
  15. They take up a new hobby or sport that allows them to spend more time away from home.
  16. There are periods where they are unreachable by phone, texts, etc.
  17. They begin showing up late when they are supposed to meet you, or when they are to be at children’s activities or social events.
  18. They suddenly display a new attitude toward life.
  19. Your marriage suddenly and inexplicably seems better than ever.
  20. They have decreased motivation to do the things that the two of you usually did.
  21. They tell you they are going to one place, but you later find out they went somewhere else.
  22. They remark that they would like to have some “alone” space.
  23. They start to display a lack of interest in you and your daily happenings.
  24. They don’t talk to you as much as they did in the past.
  25. They seem distant.
  26. They often seem to have grown disrespectful toward you.
  27. Your emotional intimacy has faded.
  28. Sex has become more often.
  29. Sex has become less often.
  30. Sex has become different. New tricks.
  31. They urge you to take a trip to visit an out-of-town friend or family member.
  32. They begin talking about a friend of theirs who is of the opposite sex.
  33. Their friends begin to seem uncomfortable in your presence.
  34. You notice unexplained expenses, especially credit card charges.
  35. They get a new work-related or other account on Facebook.