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initial-consultation-divorce-attorney-dupage-county-300x199Divorce often happens to nice people. If someone close to you needs answers about Illinois divorce law, we provide a no-pressure “Learn Your Rights” personal consultation.

At this confidential meeting, you will learn everything you need to know about divorce and about our divorce legal system. We will listen as you explain your particular situation to us, and we will explain the law and how it will apply to your set of facts. Among other pertinent items, you will learn what your rights and obligations are regarding the allocation of parenting time and decision making, child support, spousal maintenance (alimony), and property division.

Many clients ask about legal separation, who gets the house, will they have to move, if they gain by filing first, if one lawyer can handle the whole thing, what about future health insurance costs, how to protect their inheritance, if fault matters, and many similar questions. These and other topics are covered and we’ll also talk about what the legal system has in store for you and how you can gain some control over the cost and outcome of your case. All of your future financial concerns and all the marital rights and obligations of both you and your spouse will be discussed.

Advice, when it matters.


That Scary First Call to a Divorce Lawyer

We know how hard it is to make the first phone call to a divorce lawyer. Most clients report great hesitancy at the thought of making this call. Many tell us later that they dialed, froze, and hung up a few times before actually letting the call go through. Some said they were scared they might reach a pushy fast-talker that would pressure them into doing something that they merely called to find out about. Your … [Read more…]

Why Us and not a Thousand other Lawyers?

Because we do what the divorce legal system does not do. We try to save you time, money, and frustration. This website is for you. It is not about us or about our credentials. It is about what we can do for you and how we plan to go about doing it. We use a “let’s go right to settlement” approach. We want your divorce to start out friendly and end up friendly. This does not mean that you … [Read more…]

Learn Your Rights – Peace of Mind – Office Conferences

NOT READY TO FILE, BUT CURIOUS? ALMOST READY TO FILE, BUT WONDERING WHERE TO START? Whether you are in the “I am just beginning to look into it”, or the “I think I’m ready to proceed” stage, or if you find yourself facing a divorce and want to know what to do or not to do, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to give us a call. Uncertainty causes pain and we can relieve your uncertainty … [Read more…]

We bring fresh thinking to divorce.

What Happens at the Initial Office Consultation?

Your first divorce orientation meeting is carefully tailored to your comfort level and generally lasts 1-1½ hours. Our staff attorneys greet you in a caring and non-judgmental manner and make every attempt to help you relax. The attorney will ask some questions to learn your facts and will apply his/her knowledge of the law and of the court system to your particular situation. He or she will then explain … [Read more…]

Do You Charge for the Initial Office Visit?

Yes, but… so do most other divorce lawyers with extensive experience and seasoning. This is the norm. We know that some general practice lawyers – those that do not handle divorce matters exclusively – may offer free 30-minute initial office visits, and we recognize how attractive this must seem. However, and in good conscience, we do not think this fair to you. We cannot cover your situation, your needs, … [Read more…]

“Bring Your Spouse Along” Office Visits

Why should you commit to something before you know what you are committing to? These informational meetings explain the different conflict resolution alternatives that are now available to divorcing spouses. Soon-to-be exes get the opportunity to learn their process choices together. Gathering all of this information at the same time and place avoids the typical feelings of distrust and defensiveness that … [Read more…]

Welcome to our website. The information provided is honest, accurate and as straight-forward as we could make it. We hope you will find it to be beneficial.

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We welcome hearing from you and we invite your questions. There is no obligation. No one will ever know that we spoke or what we discussed. Everything you say is privileged, confidential, and completely classified. We do not maintain a mailing list and will not contact you unless you ask us to.

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Richard and Kari are staunch advocates of the non-court approach to divorce, and are also active and seasoned litigators with over 60 years of combined trial experience in the Illinois divorce courts of Cook, DuPage, and Will counties.