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Your Initial Office Visit

What Can You Expect At Your Initial Office Consultation? (click here)

We offer two types of initial office visits.

Come in and size us up. You determine if we are a comfortable fit for you.

No pressure to file – No sales pitches – Absolutely confidential

Learn Your Rights – Our “Learn Your Rights” – peace of mind – formal initial office consultation typically lasts 60-90 minutes and is extremely comprehensive. We carefully examine every facet of your case, and then apply the law to your facts. We give you the straight scoop on what you can expect to pay or receive in your divorce, along an explanation of the workings of the DuPage and Cook County divorce court systems. Your full rights and obligations are clearly outlined. We give our recommendations on how to start your case, when to start it, what the smart and not-so-smart moves are, what to tell the children, how you can gain some control over the cost and outcome of your case, and many other valuable pieces of legal advice.

There is a charge of $195.00 for our “Learn Your Rights” initial office consultations. Legal advice is provided, but you are under no obligation to hire us. We know you are facing a difficult decision, and we will not make things any harder on you. We will not pressure you to take action, and we will not add to any stress or confusion that you may be encountering. You are invited to call us (free of charge) as often as you wish after your “Learn Your Rights” session. This is to take care of any questions that you might have forgotten to ask, and to cover any new questions that might come to you after our meeting.

Divorce Concierge Services – This is also our “Bring Your Spouse Along” office meeting.

Concierge describes a service oriented person who has special knowledge about something local to him or to her, and whose role it is to share this knowledge with others who are not in the same position to know the information. They are doorkeepers to a world that is unfamiliar to those who need guidance in that world.

This is where we come in. We know how bewildering and intimidating the divorce legal system can be to those who are about to enter it. We offer an informational session to individuals or couples in which we explain everything about the divorce process from A to Z. We dispel myth, and tell the people exactly what is in store for them and what their choices are.

How can you be expected to agree to something like mediation or collaborative law until you actually know what they are?

Why should you commit to something before you know what you are committing to?

Our informational meetings explain the different conflict resolution alternatives that are now available to divorcing spouses. Soon-to-be exes get the opportunity to learn their process choices individually or together.

Traditionally, lawyers would only meet with the spouse that they would represent. This often led to distrust and defensiveness when the other spouse learned that their partner got the jump on them, and now knew more about divorce law than they did. Many of these parties report that they felt like something was going on behind their back. They would enter the legal system believing that their partner had an advantage.

If the spouses want a friendly and inexpensive divorce, they overcome the first hurdle by learning the same information at the same time and in each other’s presence.

There is a $250 flat-fee for our Concierge Office Meeting which typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

While we welcome individual spouses to our concierge services, we also feel the “Bring Your Spouse Along” feature is exceptionally fitting with our concierge concept.

Lawyers cannot give legal advice to both sides of a case, but they may provide process information to both about the various approaches to divorce.

The litigation, mediation, cooperative divorce law, and collaborative divorce processes are explained fully, along with the mechanics of the divorce legal system in general. Aside from actual legal advice, the parties become familiar with everything they need to know about the litigation and non-court dispute resolution methods. This information enables couples to make a joint decision in selecting the approach that best fits their personalities, needs, and   circumstances.

These meetings are for the exclusive benefit of the parties. Our lawyers do not attempt to persuade or influence either party to hire our law firm in any capacity or to select one process method instead of another.

We are not auto salespersons. No pressure whatsoever is put upon the spouses to take any action. Everything is highly confidential, and we will never follow-up by unilaterally contacting you in any fashion.

We know how to shepherd you through this dreaded process, and look forward to having the opportunity to do so.

When the situation warrants, we can direct our clients to the appropriate child specialists, divorce coaches, financial experts, real estate and business appraisers, and a variety of other helpful professionals.

No pressure to file – No sales pitches – Absolutely confidential