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Cooperative Divorce Law

Cooperative divorce law has just arrived in Illinois. It is our newest anti-war settlement process. Cooperative divorce joins mediation and collaborative law as our third alternative to fighting it out in court.

The purpose of mediation, collaborative law, and cooperative divorce law is to guide divorcing parties through the dissolution process in a way that enables them to reach an out of court settlement. Continue reading Cooperative Divorce Law

Divorce Mediation – Is Like a Seeing-Eye Dog

Fighting is for courtrooms and mediation is for staying out of courtrooms.

As divorce lawyers in DuPage County, IL, we often receive telephone calls from prospective clients who begin the conversation by saying something like, “My wife and I have decided to divorce, and we want to use mediation. Our decision is mutual; we have a house and two kids, and we have agreed on everything.” Continue reading Divorce Mediation – Is Like a Seeing-Eye Dog