More Do-it-Yourselves Settlement Tips – Part Two

How do you respond to belligerent questions?

What should happen if your spouse asks a series of intentionally intimidating questions that end with such demands as “Just answer yes or no” or “Did you or didn’t you?” or the emotion laden, but pointless “Is that a threat?”

If you hear such things in your divorce negotiations, try to overcome the temptation to snap back. Instead, try to ignore it by switching the conversation to something else.

But if you are not comfortable doing this, then fire back with your own pointed question.

Say “Is that a threat?” right back at them. “Okay, you win; we’re even! I threatened, you threatened, and now we’re back to where we started. I was hoping we could make some decent progress today. I’m willing to try and I hope you are too. I say, let’s get back to figuring out something that works for both of us.”

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