Parenting Tips: What Society Never Told Us

Getting Your Child to Open Up

An impending divorce presents new challenges to our parenting skills. Sadly, society does not adequately prepare us for the enormity of what we are facing.

As partners in a divorce law firm that handles child custody and parenting issues in both DuPage and Cook Counties, we have access to some of the finest child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other specialists that the Chicago metropolitan area has to offer.

This gives us a unique opportunity to become familiar with many valuable professional parenting tips and insights that are not normally or readily available to the public. This blog will share them with you.

A good place to start is by realizing that children of divorce will experience new thoughts and feelings that they cannot share with their parents. They simply do not have the tools to open up and tell us what is bothering them.

However, they will talk to a trained professional and this is why divorce lawyers recommend this avenue as often as they do.

There are also several little-known, but extremely valuable, things that parents can say and do to ease their children’s distress.

We intend to cover every one of these in the posts that follow.

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