Parenting Tips from Court Experts

As divorce attorneys in DuPage County and Cook County, IL, we are regularly involved in child custody, visitation, and other parenting disputes. This often makes us privy to some of the special parenting recommendations that child experts bring to the attention of judges and parents.

Among these are:

When you are with the children, do not refer to the other parent as “Your mother” or “Your father.” Instead, say, “Did mom enjoy the card you gave her?” It is critical that you always refer to the other parent as mom or dad.

Remember that one of the best ways to make divorce less painful for your children is to act pleasantly toward the other parent. The two of you are the center of each child’s world and he or she needs to know that you like one another.

Be sure each child has advance notice of where he or she will be staying each night. Children need the security of knowing what they will be doing and where they will be doing it.

You cannot tell your children too frequently, how much you love them and how lucky they are to have so many other people also loving them.

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