Parenting Suggestions – Build a Firewall

This post is part of the divorce information insights that divorce law firms have access to, and are not easily available to the public.

Divorcing parents should strive to build a firewall between their marital problems and the children. They should not discuss child support, joint custody, sole custody, visitation rights, or other parenting issues with the children. Children suffer the least when their parents remove them from the conflict. And, be sure you do not bring your children to court or to your lawyer’s office.

Never pump the children for information about the other parent or use them to carry angry messages back and forth. Never ask your children with whom they want to live or use them to deliver support payments or bills.

Avoid speaking derogatorily about the other parent or arguing in front of them. Above all, never ask a child to keep a secret from the other parent.

Do not look sad when your child leaves to see the other parent. Greet your ex and your children with a smile upon their return (more about this in the next post). Be supportive and positive about their relationship with the other parent and reassure them that they can still count on both of you for love and support.

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