They Never Gave Us Divorce Lessons

A sensible way to learn something is by accepting guidance from someone who already knows it. When we want to learn how to knit, drive, play the piano, or use karate, we find an expert and take lessons. Need tax help? We talk to a CPA.

Our divorce rate indicates that we are not doing very well staying married. And judging by the length, expense, drama, and trauma of the average divorce, it looks like we, as a nation, aren’t much better at becoming unmarried.

We have resources for every imaginable endeavor, from sports, to hobbies, to finances. Yet, society offers us very little insight into what we can do to prevent our divorces from becoming disasters. This is startling when we consider that more than half of our marriages end in divorce.

Marriage is difficult by nature, but divorce isn’t. Getting divorced is often difficult by choice. The trick is not to get in our own way and to avoid the combative mindset that society has instilled in us. We have been programmed all wrong when it comes to divorce and this has affected countless thousands of families of those that preceded us in divorce.

It seems that we’re always being told how to behave during marriage, but no one ever tells us how to think and how to act during divorce. No one, that is, until now. aims to start the process of fixing this. For a fuller explanation, see The Secret to Settling Your Divorce in Chicago, Oak Brook, Wheaton and Geneva, Illinois.

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