Making Joint Custody Work

Establishing a stable environment for children who are already suffering from the painful loss of a strained parental relationship should be one of the key goals parents seek once they realize a divorce is imminent in DuPage County.

The rewards of joint custody go hand in hand with the benefits of friendly divorce tactics that allow families to get on with their lives as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“In joint custody, separated and divorced parents make the major decisions concerning their children’s upbringing in the same cooperative way that happily married parents do,” says Charlie Asher, a former trial lawyer, who along with his wife Barb, a former social worker and counselor, have created the website, a family charity aimed at helping parents protect their children.

“And, because separated parents with joint custody are raising children between two homes, they actually commit themselves to even better communication and cooperation than is necessary between married couples living under the same roof,” adds Asher.

Asher also explains that the most common issues calling for joint resolution include ones of education, religious upbringing, medical and counseling care and schedules. But it can also involve any other matter either parents deems important. Matters such as discipline, curfews, allowance, extracurricular activities, dress, etc.

“Just like in a happy marriage, if one of the parents thinks a child matter is serious enough for the parents to speak and act together, then the parents speak and act together,” adds Asher. “Neither parent acts alone on these matters.”

Some of the features are similar to the tactics required when using cooperative or collaborative law for working through a civilized divorce in DuPage County. Both want what is best for the kids, and with a friendly divorce, couples joint forces in their efforts to:

  • Not hurt the other spouse,
  • Avoid a court battle and legendary pandemonium,
  • Settle quickly, and
  • Save their financial interests.

Uncontested divorce papers in DuPage County are a start to creating smooth transitions that result in rewarding relationships for both children and parents.

Being open to compromise and the feelings of each other can allow divorcing couples to avoid emotional devastation and family problems that can last for decades. It may take even longer to overcome the aftermath of financial disaster.

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