Illinois Divorce Courts Are Likely to Become Less Crowded

The public is displeased with our divorce legal system. Its frustration is building to a point where one of two things is likely to occur: either people stop getting divorced or they find a way to get divorced without using litigation.

The first is not likely to happen, and the second is why it is time to try the cooperative approach.

Here’s why things must change:

  1. Society is demanding something different. The “I’m going to be my own attorney” sentiment (which is often quite risky) is becoming more and more widespread.
  2. Lawyers’ operating expenses and fees are not expected to decrease anytime soon – unless their landlords and employees cut their rates. (Fat chance.)
  3. The number of divorces filed each year shows no sign of declining significantly.
  4. People resent having to spend more on their divorce than they did on their wedding and have reached their breaking point.

This doesn’t leave us many options. We simply have to find a better way to divorce, and the friendly and cooperative method is the logical choice. While it doesn’t work for everyone, we really do not have any others to pick from.

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