Helpful Parenting Divorce Insights and Tips

As Illinois divorce attorneys we see our share of child custody and child support disputes that have the effect of hurting the children. However, children can also be negatively affected even in easy divorces where the parents mean well, but innocently say or do something that is harmful to their children.

Some of this unnecessary harm can be avoided when the parents know what the children are thinking.

Children of divorce often worry about their futures as much as their parents do. The troublesome thoughts begin when they become aware of their parentaves’ situation.

Younger children worry about whether they will have a roof over their heads; older children worry about whether they will have to move, change schools, and lose friends.

They worry about whether the absent parent is lonely and how and where he (or she) eats and sleeps. They want to know where that parent has gone because they feel that he or she has vanished. Children also worry about whether the parent remaining in the family home will be able to manage.

Children who worry about an impending divorce pose new challenges to their mom and dad’s parenting skills. Special times require special insights, and knowing how to parent through a divorce is not something that any of us are prepared for.

Our listing of specific parenting tips begins in the next post.

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