Heidi Montag to Use Divorce Mediation

TMZ reported Heidi Montag retained an attorney to begin divorce proceedings against her husband, Spencer Pratt.

The couple plans to begin divorce mediation sessions and they are shooting to get the entire divorce concluded in six months. TMZ did not mention if the couple had an ante nuptial or pre-nuptial agreement.

Divorce mediation is a non-court settlement oriented process that helps disputing parties resolve their differences sensibly and without unnecessary legal complications or expense.

Mediation helps the parties negotiate the settlement themselves.The mediator, a neutral and impartial third person, merely guides the parties’ one-on-one negotiations with one another. The mediator directs the flow of conversation in a manner that allows each spouse to present his or her concerns and settlement terms in the best possible light.

We all hope to avoid divorce court and mediation is intended to help us accomplish this. It creates a setting where settlement becomes possible. The mediator’s training enables him or her to pose questions to the parties in a manner that helps them to listen better and to express their thoughts in a constructive manner, instead of a destructive one.

Mediation works. It tames anger and stubbornness and helps disputants to get their point across without aggravating one another.

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