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Getting a Divorce in Chicago, Illinois

In some parts of the country, the divorce rate is a staggering 50%. Luckily, in Chicago, that rate is a much smaller 7.4%, but the fact still remains that people do get divorced. Even in a city where the divorce rate is one of the very lowest in the entire United States.

Despite such a low divorce rate, the people of Chicago are lucky enough to have better options for achieving an end to their marriages. Unlike many cities, there is a law firm in Chicago that helps people settle their divorces without costly and lengthy courtroom battles. The Law Offices of Kulerski and Cornelison, also referred to as Illinois Civilized Divorce, are available to couples who seek to end their marriages but walk away with a mutually beneficial divorce contract.

Why avoid litigation?

For starters, litigation is overwhelmingly expensive. Clients end up spending tons of money on hours upon hours of preparation for a court battle, plus whatever other expenses incur in the process.

Litigation is also an extremely time consuming process. Not only do you have to wait for your lawyers to research and build their case, but you have to wait on the court system.

Probably worst of all is the idea that someone, a judge, is going to make a decision for you without knowing very much about your circumstances. He or she doesn’t know you or your spouse, your children, or anything about how you work.

Why would anyone want to have an outside party make a decision for them when you can literally come to an agreement yourselves?

The people of Chicago know the truth- you don’t have to.

Here is the fact that attorneys across the country don’t want you to know: the great majority of divorce cases never make it to a court room. Instead, clients spend tons of money, time, and effort getting ready for litigation only to settle before they ever step foot in front of a judge.

How is Chicago different than other cities?

In Chicago, the attorneys behind Illinois Civilized Divorce have come up with two innovative systems to help their clients settle their divorce without ever even thinking about taking a step into a courtroom. These two ground breaking, and effective, methods are called “Cooperative Divorce” and “Collaborative Divorce”

What is Cooperative Divorce?

Cooperative divorce is a method of achieving a divorce settlement that is mutually beneficial to both parties. In a cooperative divorce, both parties and their lawyers sit down and discuss the terms of the settlement and try to come up with an agreement by cooperating with each other.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is very similar to a cooperative divorce in that the aim is to come to a mutually agreed upon settlement between the spouses, except that both spouses sign a contract agreeing to work together and agreeing not to take the case to court.

Although the divorce rate in Chicago is certainly lower than other cities across America, this city has the system down pat. People in Chicago now know they can go to the Law Offices of Kulerski and Cornelison and not just save time and money, but piece of mind.


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