Explanation of a Flat Fee Divorce

  • This may be the way for you to proceed if you think that the divorce can be worked out amicably.
  • First either you or your spouse must come to our office to retain us.

  • We can only represent one of you.
  • Next you will need to tell us what the two of you have agreed upon.
  • We will give you a list of items to take home and discuss with your spouse.
  • We will also prepare all other papers that will be necessary.
  • We will then give you the complete settlement package.
  • Take home to your spouse for his or her approval and signature.
  • Once everything is signed and returned to us… We will file the papers with the court and get you a hearing date.
  • You must be present in court on the assigned day with us.
  • We will present your signed papers and testimony to the court for entry.
  • Usually, your divorce is finalized the day we are in court.
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