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As one of the most highly populated counties in the state of Illinois, divorce rates are higher in DuPage County than the majority of the state overall. For this reason, there are a lot of divorce attorneys all over DuPage County. When you need a divorce, finding the right attorney to help you with your divorce proceedings can make or break you.

So Many Choices

Finding the right divorce attorney can make a huge difference for you. The wrong attorney can mean paying way too much, and possibly losing everything you want out of your divorce settlement. The right attorney can help take some of the sting out of an already painful process.

Most attorneys want you to prepare for the costly process of divorce litigation knowing full well that you may never step foot into a court room. The fact is that less than 10% off all divorce cases actually even go to court, instead most cases settle out of court before they ever make it in front of a judge.

Divorce litigation is a lengthy, expensive, and largely unnecessary form of divorce. First of all, divorce litigation takes forever. You have to wait for a court date, spend so much time preparing to rip each other to pieces, and then wait even longer for each court date and the final verdict. After all that waiting, you have to listen to a judge who doesn’t know anything about you or your relationships tell you how things are going to be and what to do.

Preparing for litigation is outrageously expensive, forcing you to pay for hours and hours of your attorney’s time. All of this, and the likelihood of you ever making it into the courtroom is slim to none. Why should you put all of that time, energy, and money into a process that could be so much easier?

The Right Choice

The attorneys at Civilized Divorce want the world to know the truth about divorce. Ending your marriage after so many years is already a painful process to deal with, but your divorce does not have to make it worse. You can actually achieve a divorce through some relatively painless means and both of you can walk away satisfied with the end result.

At Civilized Divorce, the attorneys specialize in non-confrontational and out of court divorce. They have come up with innovative and effective means of achieving a divorce through what they call “Collaborative” and “Cooperative” divorce. Both of these methods employ the use of cooperation and communication, as well as negotiation techniques, to calmly discuss the terms of your divorce contract.

The experienced divorce attorneys at Kulerski and Cornelison are highly successful mediators. All of these options mean you never have to step into a court room, and even better, you never have to pay to prepare for it either.

In DuPage County, there are plenty of divorce lawyers that are ready to take your money and prepare for litigation. The attorneys at Kulerski and Cornelison can do something better though. They can guarantee easier, less painful, and less expensive options for your divorce. Contact them today!


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