Don’t Dive into Litigation

Once the initial sting of the “D” word has cooled, the parties of a capsizing marital relationship must start reaching for a lifeboat in order to save what is best for them and for their family unit.

DuPage County collaborative law and cooperative divorce law have emerged as powerful alternatives for divorcing partners. These approaches make it easier for the parties to restructure their relationship, and better enable them to protect their family and finances.

“The lawyer’s role has morphed from litigators, to guardians of the process,” notes Gary Direnfeld (MSW, RSW), a Canadian social worker deemed an expert in custody and visitation matters by Courts in Canada. “Family law is no longer a zero sum proposition, but is now win-win.”

Now is the time to reach for the lifeboat. It’s time to plan and think. Every word counts in a settlement discussion. This is why so many attempts for an early DuPage County divorce settlement fall apart unnecessarily.

Simply wanting a less painful and less expensive divorce is not enough to guarantee a smooth settlement. Collaborative law and cooperative divorce law processes are now available to help the couples residing in Chicago and DuPage County. These processes provide valuable guidance to divorcing couples by showing them how to keep their divorces on time and on budget.

Society has recognized that marital relationships may change, but they don’t end. Children are often better served by parental relationships that remain respectful. “For those who see past the anger, there is now a myriad of alternative dispute resolution options,” adds Direnfeld.

Exerting a genuine willingness to understand the reason behind the other spouse’s position is vital to coming to terms with a settlement that works well for everyone. Before couples become entrenched in their dispute, it’s important to seek guidance for both financial advice and family support.

Divorce involves restructuring; and restructuring requires listening. This often means listening until both spouses realize that compromise does not mean losing- it means finding a workable solution. However, coping with the listening process is not an easy task. Take time to listen to the sounds of your divorce. Are you making all the noise, or are you listening?

Don’t dive into litigation; take a long hard look at the full range of divorce options that are now available to help you restructure your family relationship in as healthy and as positive a way as is possible.

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