The Divorce Negotiation Tie-Breaker

You and your spouse have been discussing the terms of your divorce settlement. You have exchanged offers and counter-offers and cannot reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. You are close, but not close enough.

How do you entice your soon-to-be ex to close the deal?

If you are stuck, discuss the fact that you are stuck. Talk about the lack of progress without being judgmental or assessing blame. Keep your comments light and indicate your willingness to help solve the problem.

One-on-one divorce settlement conversations between spouses do not always have to be moving forward. It is normal for them to stall from time to time. Discussing the stall in general, instead of focusing on the reasons for the stall, can be surprisingly productive.

Everyone has to bring home a prize to show to their side of the family or friends, or to their support group. Stay flexible and leave room for your spouse to get what they deem to be a prize. This is usually something that is less than what they want and is something more than you are willing to give up.

The language of negotiation is compromise. Compromise means making concessions, and making concessions settles divorce cases.

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