Divorce Legal Advice – Helpful Parenting Tips

Significant divorce information is now available to help parents ease the pain that their children are likely to face.

Children may have feelings of guilt about their parents divorce. Be sure to actually tell each child individually that he or she is not the cause of the divorce, and will always be loved by each of you. It helps if both parents are present when making this all-important point to the children that they did not cause the divorce.

To make their blamelessness more credible, children need to see their parents as reasonable and rational people who have made the decision to end their relationship in a careful and thoughtful way. Never make your kids feel awkward or uncomfortable about loving the other parent.

Divorced parents who share parenting time with the children need to set up in advance and follow a routine schedule for visitation. Always let the child know when he or she will see the absent parent. The custodial parent should have children ready in time for visitation and should be home in time to receive the children. The visiting parent should be prompt for pickup and drop-off.

Both parents should try to avoid canceling plans with the children. The visiting parent should establish a space in his or her home for the children and provide a private space for their belongings.

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