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Divorce/Legal Separation in Downers Grove, IL

downers-grove-illinoisDowners Grove, IL is a village located in Dupage County, Illinois, only 19 miles west of Chicago. With its tree lined streets and rich neighborhood and family traditions, Downers Grove boasts of 16 public schools and its ever increasing population of some 50,000 residents. It is also the home of the Avery Coonley School, one of the most prestigious private primary schools in the country. Steeped in history, some of the homes in Downers Grove are thought to have been a part of the Underground Railroad.

At the Law Office of Kulerski and Cornelison, we have over 60 years of combined divorce law experience practicing in the Illinois counties of Dupage, Cook, Will and Kane. Rather than offering only traditional divorce services, our staff focuses on the settlement approach to divorce. The main goal of our firm is to keep you out of court, and to keep your divorce affordable and simple. With our extensive experience and specialized training in the non–court, divorce resolution techniques, our team has the skill and knowledge to help you and your family save time, money, energy, and frustration.

Here at the Law Office of Kulerski and Cornelison we offer six types of divorce services; collaborative divorce law, cooperative divorce law, divorce mediation, family law, traditional divorce litigation, and Ante–nuptial / premarital agreements. After years of practice in the divorce field we believe that the best possible solution is to work hard towards settling out of court. With over 90% off all divorce cases actually settling before trial, and with reaching a settlement being the most sensible and efficient way to proceed, we believe in getting right to the settlement part as quickly as we can.

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Richard and Kari are staunch advocates of the non-court approach to divorce, and are also active and seasoned litigators with over 60 years of combined trial experience in the Illinois divorce courts of Cook, DuPage, and Kane counties.


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