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Chicago, Illinois: The Place for Divorce Options

Compromise - Settling Our Differences in AgreementDespite having one of the lowest divorce rates in the United States, Chicago happens to also be home of one of the most innovative divorce law firms. The Law Firm of Kulerski and Cornelison is proud to offer several divorce options.

Kulerski and Cornelison are both committed to helping estranged couples achieve an effective, more affordable, and relatively pain-free divorce. Too many people go into their divorce proceedings thinking that they have to tear each other apart in court when there is really nothing farther from the truth. Several divorce options are available, and they are available in Chicago.

What are my options?

There are four major options for your divorce proceedings.

Cooperative Divorce

Cooperative Divorce Law is aptly named, as it aims to give spouses a chance to work together to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement for the divorce settlement. In a cooperative divorce, each spouse agrees to remain non-confrontational and be forthcoming with all information, documents, and any other information that is necessary.

Typically, cooperative divorce takes place in a meeting room with both spouses and their lawyers present.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Law is similar to cooperative divorce law in that it aims to have spouses work together to achieve an agreement, but it takes things a few steps further. Collaborative divorce pushes spouses to come to a settlement and even requires that both spouses sign a contract agreeing not to take the case to court.

Each spouse still has an attorney present, but the attorneys must agree to act as “settlement only” attorneys.


Divorce mediation is a popular method of helping spouses come to an agreement regarding their divorce settlement. The purpose of a mediator is to keep both parties on track and act as a non-biased go-between for the divorcing couples.

Mediators are especially good about preventing couples from veering too far off track during settlement discussions and preventing unnecessary arguments that can delay proceedings. Mediators can be present during any type of divorce, and are highly recommended by the attorneys behind Civilized Divorce.


In Chicago, divorcing couples are learning that litigation should actually be the very last resort. Through innovative attorneys like the ones with Civilized Divorce, the people of Chicago and surrounding areas are learning that less than ten percent of divorce cases actually ever make it to court, but instead are settled out of court. So instead of wasting money preparing for a court battle that will likely never occur, Chicagoans are learning all about the smarter and more efficient methods of settling a divorce.

People get divorced in every state across America, but in Chicago they are doing it smarter. With innovative attorneys advocating for civilized and non-confrontational divorce settlements, people in Chicago are walking away from their divorces with their heads held high.

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