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Cooperative Divorce Law

Cooperative divorce law has just arrived in Illinois. It is our newest anti-war settlement process. Cooperative divorce joins mediation and collaborative law as our third alternative to fighting it out in court.

The purpose of mediation, collaborative law, and cooperative divorce law is to guide divorcing parties through the dissolution process in a way that enables them to reach an out of court settlement. Continue reading Cooperative Divorce Law

The Cooperative Approach

You will never have any control over the fury and cost of your divorce if you cannot communicate properly with your spouse. Some suggestions for keeping your divorce cooperative are:

Try not to impose your values or biases on your spouse with emotion-laden statements such as, “A decent person wouldn’t do what you did.” Monitor your body language or facial expressions to avoid registering obvious disapproval of something your spouse says. Continue reading The Cooperative Approach

Divorce Mediation – Is Like a Seeing-Eye Dog

Fighting is for courtrooms and mediation is for staying out of courtrooms.

As divorce lawyers in DuPage County, IL, we often receive telephone calls from prospective clients who begin the conversation by saying something like, “My wife and I have decided to divorce, and we want to use mediation. Our decision is mutual; we have a house and two kids, and we have agreed on everything.” Continue reading Divorce Mediation – Is Like a Seeing-Eye Dog

Get a Flat Fee Divorce – Part One

Your divorce does not have to be expensive.

If you and your spouse believe you can work things out on your own, then our flat fee divorce allows you to contain the expense of processing your settlement through the legal system. Continue reading Get a Flat Fee Divorce – Part One

Keeping Your Divorce Cooperative

Divorce settlements fail when our biased view of things allows us to see only our own “truth.” We focus so intently on the truth we are trying to explain, that we block ourselves from hearing what the other side has to say. Here’s the real truth: We will persuade our spouse to be cooperative by listening to what they need to say, not by saying what we think needs to be said. Continue reading Keeping Your Divorce Cooperative

The Key to Keeping it Friendly

The key to using the friendly approach in divorce is to make your partner feel valued. If you do not attempt to do this, your problem will only worsen.

People find it difficult to quarrel with those that acknowledge their pain or concerns. Continue reading The Key to Keeping it Friendly

Illinois Divorce Courts Are Likely to Become Less Crowded

The public is displeased with our divorce legal system. Its frustration is building to a point where one of two things is likely to occur: either people stop getting divorced or they find a way to get divorced without using litigation. Continue reading Illinois Divorce Courts Are Likely to Become Less Crowded