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Best Choices for Divorce in DuPage County Illinois

dupage-county-divorce-lawyersIf your marriage is ending and you are ready to get a divorce, we just want you to know that you have options.

A lot of people believe that all divorces end in nasty court battles and years, but this is actually not the truth. There is a better way, and the experienced divorce attorneys at the Law Firm of Kulerski and Cornelison can help you.

Less than 10% of all divorces ever go to court. Instead, most divorces settle before a step is ever taken into a courtroom. Most people are not aware of this fact, and a lot of divorce attorneys take advantage of this fact and let their clients spend thousands upon thousands of dollars preparing for a court battle that they will likely never see.

Instead of keeping you in the dark and letting you spend unnecessary money on preparing for litigation, the divorce attorneys at the Law Firm of Kulerski and Cornelison want you to know the truth and take advantage of some of their innovative and money-saving ways to achieve the divorce that you need.


For couples that do not want to fight with each other, but also do not agree on the terms of their divorce, divorce mediation could be the answer. Trained and experienced mediators help both parties negotiate the terms of the divorce and come to a reasonable and mutually satisfactory agreement.

Mediation typically starts with each spouse getting a turn to say what it is they want or need from the divorce. After making note of the terms that both spouses already agree on, the mediator then opens discussion for the topics that each of you disagree on. A mediator is trained not only to help you negotiate with each other, but to keep the discussion on track so the process is a quick and painless as possible.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is a process that encourages spouses to sit down and discuss what they expect from each other during the divorce process and make their own settlement terms. An experience Civilized Divorce attorney will be present to help mediate any issues that might arise, and to assure a mutually non-confrontational experience.

In a collaborative divorce, both parties actually sign a contract that they agree to be honest and forthcoming and agree not to pursue litigation. The attorneys at Civilized Divorce are so committed to helping you settle your divorce out of court that they agree to step out, effectively firing themselves, should they not be able to deliver their promised collaborative experience.

Cooperative Divorce

More often than not, spouses actually agree on the majority of the divorce terms. A cooperative divorce takes the ideals of collaborative divorce a little bit farther and offers the gentlest possible approach to achieving a divorce.

A cooperative divorce focuses on mutual cooperation from both spouses, allowing an open and honest discussion to settle the terms of the divorce. Most often, spouses just need a means of sitting down and talking it out.

Divorce cases almost never go to court, so why pay to prepare for litigation if you will likely never see a court room? If you and your spouse are looking for options to get a divorce in DuPage County Illinois, the divorce attorneys at the Law Firm of Kulerski and Cornelison can help you find a much better option. Contact us today to get started!


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