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Cooperative Divorce Law Avoids Litigation

If you have already made the choice to divorce, but you want to reduce bitter feelings, avoid court appearances, and keep the decision in yours and your spouse’s hands one way to go about the divorce is to engage a professional cooperative divorce attorney. A cooperative divorce attorney can help guide you both in the right direction.

Cooperative Divorce Reduces the Financial Fallout of Divorce

If you wish to save money and keep more for your family then a cooperative divorce may work for you and your spouse. Usually what happens is you hire one mediator to help create a divorce agreement that works best for your unique situation. Divorce is expensive no matter what. You have to take what worked for one family and divide it to work what is essentially two separate families now.

Cooperative Divorce Can Help Address the Emotional Fallout of Divorce

Naturally, this is going to cause a lot of stress and emotions around money. A mediation team consisting of a trained cooperative divorce lawyer, financial consultants, child therapists and others as needed. Sometimes if the couple is already agreeable on most things it can just be the attorney/mediator and the two spouses coming together to hash out an agreement.

Cooperative Divorce Allows for Creative Solutions Unique to Your Divorce

Court is a lousy place to handle a divorce and you really want to avoid litigation. Courts were invented to handle black and white issues and matters of law. But, divorce, as you know is not a black and white issue. There is never really just one person at fault (most of the time) and the solutions that should be handed out are often very different depending upon who is involved. There is really no one size fits all, although court pretends there is, which is why if you go to court you’re likely to end up with a judgment that no one likes and isn’t even really workable.

Cooperative Divorce Addresses the Needs of the Children More Effectively

Your team of experts can help you and your spouse recognize the needs of your children in a no nonsense clear way. The children really don’t care who did what, or who cheated on whom, or who is at fault. Outside of rare cases of abuse, in which case you would not be seeking a cooperative divorce, the children truly need both parents in their lives as much as possible. However, each family is different. Typically it’s better for the children to keep things as they were in the marriage as close as possible. A trained mediator with experience can help you both come to a good conclusion about what to do about the kids.

Embarking on a cooperative divorce will likely be the best thing the two of you ever did for each other and your family. It’s sad enough to go through a stressful divorce. But the truth is, divorce is not the end of the world. Families can go on and have happy lives as long as the spouses do the right thing and let go of animosity, stop trying to seek revenge, and let the idea of justice go. Contact Kulerski and Cornelison Law Firm today to see how we can help you. Cooperative divorce helps accomplish all that we’ve discussed and more while keeping you out of court.


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