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Benefits of Cooperative Divorce Law

Cooperative divorce law is the process of getting through a divorce with the hopes of avoiding court. Unlike collaborative divorce, where it almost never goes to trial, there is still a small chance of cooperative divorce leading to divorce litigation. But for the most part, it avoids it entirely and is based on principles that each party agrees to. They are cooperating with each other and the lawyers in order to settle the divorce without trying to sue the other person. Here are some benefits of going through a cooperative divorce.

Attorneys Work Together

Rather than being opposing counsel during divorce court, the attorneys do their best to work together. They communicate effectively in order to get each issue in the divorce resolved. They will work closely with you and your spouse to get these matters handled as quickly as possible, and try to make a compromise so each party is happy with the results.

Mediation Helps Resolve Conflict

Even in a cooperative divorce, you will have some conflict. You are settling everything from who gets your house to custody arrangements. Some of these matters can’t be handles on your own or between your lawyers, so a mediator might get involved. But don’t worry – they are neutral to the case, so they won’t take sides or try to win for one person or the other.

Reduces Unnecessary Costs

There is no mistaking it; divorce costs a lot of money. You are already paying your legal team and the court system for the divorce. Don’t drag it out and end up costing yourself and your spouse even more. Get things settled as quickly as possible by cooperating with each other.

Promotes Post-Divorce Communication

Communication is essential throughout the divorce, as well as afterward. While you are no longer together or married, you still need to communicate if you have shared custody of your children. For them, it helps to remain civil through a cooperative divorce. Since no blood was shed during the divorce, cooperating through the proceedings help to promote a civil relationship and proper communication.

It is Finalized Quickly

You and your spouse probably want the divorce over as soon as possible. If you go into litigation and up in court, expect it to last a while. By agreeing to cooperate and come to a settlement out of court, you can get it finalized much faster. In a matter of weeks, the entire process can be done and the divorce papers can be signed. Agreeing to a cooperative divorce doesn’t guarantee lack of litigation, but it is a good start to settling out of court. In most cases, you never end up in court thanks to this approach.

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