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dupage-cooperative-divorce-attorneysWhat is Cooperative Divorce Law?

It is not an all-encompassing term for the settlement approach to divorce. Cooperative divorce law is the name of our newest alternative to fighting it out in court. It is not mediation and it is not collaborative law. It is our third minimally invasive way to divorce, and it comes complete with its own settlement process. Cooperative is similar to collaborative law in that it centers on a respectful negotiation … [Read more…]

More On Cooperative Divorce

Cooperative Divorce may be your answer if you are facing a divorce and you aren’t sure how to handle it. Not all divorces go to court, in fact, most don’t ever get that far. There is always place for compromise if you and your spouse are willing to work together and get through the divorce faster. What’s more, a cooperative divorce will save you and your spouse a lot of money. Cooperative divorce can have many benefits over other types of divorce, and is similar to a collaborative divorce … [Read more…]

What are the Benefits of Cooperative Divorce Law?

It makes it possible to communicate with your spouse without starting a war; It provides a safe place and format for constructive settlement negotiations; It reduces some the stress, frustration, and uncertainty of divorce; It formalizes the commitment of the attorneys to focus on negotiation instead of litigation; It is easier on the parties and on their children; It enables and encourages healthy co-parenting … [Read more…]

What are some more benefits of cooperative divorce law?

Cooperative divorce law is the process of getting through a divorce with the hopes of avoiding court. Unlike collaborative divorce, where it almost never goes to trial, there is still a small chance of cooperative divorce leading to divorce litigation. But for the most part, it avoids it entirely and is based on principles that each party agrees to. They are cooperating with each other and the … [Read more…]

What Do the Lawyers Do Differently in Cooperative Divorce?

In addition to the parties’ commitment to help themselves, the lawyers also commit to do their share to keep things sensible and cooperative. The lawyers join in to strengthen the parties’ resolve by: Acknowledging and encouraging each client’s willingness to formalize his or her commitment to cooperate by entering into a Cooperative Divorce Law Participation Agreement; Stressing the significance … [Read more…]

What happens When a Cooperative Divorce Goes to Court?

Even if a cooperative divorce law case does go to court, the parties are likely to have a less stressful and less costly experience than if they had not tried the cooperative approach. The cooperative spirit, the non-forceful coaching style that the lawyers use to explain divorce law, and the general seasoning of the parties’ reasoning often pay considerable dividends even after litigation begins. Some of … [Read more…]

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Cooperative Divorce Law Avoids Litigation

If you have already made the choice to divorce, but you want to reduce bitter feelings, avoid court appearances, and keep the decision in yours and your spouse’s hands one way to go about the divorce is to engage a professional cooperative divorce attorney. A cooperative divorce attorney can help guide you both … [Read more…]

What Happens in Cooperative Divorce Law

A relatively new way to handle divorce proceedings, cooperative divorce is a great way to avoid bitterness and get your divorce settled out of court. The parties involved will sign a cooperative divorce law participation agreement along with their lawyers. It’s very important that the lawyers and divorcing the couple agree to follow a few guidelines … [Read more…]

Sample Cooperative Divorce Law Participation Agreement

Law Firm of Kulerski and Cornelison; Illinois Cooperative Divorce Law; Agreement to Participate; We, ___________________________ and ___________________________, in an effort to minimize the negative effects and cost of our forthcoming dissolution of marriage, do hereby agree to cooperate with each other and to do our very best to resolve our differences by way of a mutually … [Read more…]

Addendum to the Participation Agreement

Law Firm of Kulerski and Cornelison; Cooperative Divorce Law; Addendum to Agreement to Participate; We, _______________________ and ______________________, the parties to the attached Cooperative Divorce Law Agreement to Participate dated _____________ , do hereby agree to do our best to conduct ourselves in full compliance with the behavioral suggestions contained in this Appendum … [Read more…]

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