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Why Choose Collaborative Divorce

At its core, a collaborative divorce is a way to get a divorce without going into a litigious, long, drawn-out divorce process, and only works when spouses are able to work out an agreement on their own with the help of a collaborative attorney.

A collaborative attorney knows how to take disputed topics and find where the parties can agree and then work from there. It takes great skill to get people who are divorcing to work together to come to a mutually beneficial divorce settlement. But, the collaborative divorce attorney realizes why it’s better to come to an agreement than to go in to court.

Collaborative Divorces Cost Less

First of all, a collaborative divorce costs less money because it seeks to avoid a court battle. By avoiding a court battle you can save thousands of dollars on your divorce. No matter what you’ll spend some money getting a divorce.

You’ll give up some things you’ve grown accustomed to, but when it comes down to it, more than 90 percent of divorces settle out of court to start with, sometimes at the very last moment, so why not make a settlement faster for less money. Why fight it out, wasting both time and money, only to settle right before the court hearing anyway? It just makes more sense to start with the desire to have a collaborative divorce.

Contested Divorces Allow a Stranger Decide Your Fate

Having a contested divorce puts all the power of your life choices into the hands of a judge. A judge who probably won’t spend more than a few minutes reading your file right before walking into court, then listening only to what is presented before him or her. This is no way to decide a divorce.

You and your spouse know each other better than probably anyone else, even though you’re choosing to part ways. Who do you want making decisions for you? Someone who knows you or someone who doesn’t? Since so many divorces already settle right before the court date, why not go into a collaborative divorce process in DuPage County with an experienced collaborative divorce attorney?


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