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5 Reasons to Have a Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce the spouses who are divorcing, along with their team — which may consist of an attorney for each spouse, perhaps an attorney for the child, and other professionals that they choose such as a divorce coach or counselor — work together to come to a mutually beneficial divorce agreement without a litigious court appearance.

There are may reasons to seek a collaborative divorce here are five.

  1. Collaborative Divorce Saves Money — When you use a non-adversarial approach to your divorce you will save money because you’re going into the divorce more realistically. The experts who look at your situation will properly advice you on what is a realistic expectation from the settlement instead of an all or nothing approach.
  2. Collaborative Divorce Reduces Trauma — In many ways a collaborative divorce is a lot like mediation except that the lawyers and other professionals are present helping each client get their views heard completely. Mediation can be traumatic because it’s just the mediator and two emotional divorcing people who may give in to things they don’t want to without the advice of their attorneys. This can be very traumatic, but with collaborative law you can be assured that your attorney is present at all times and is watching out for you.
  3. Collaborative Divorce Saves Time — By focusing on resolving conflict instead of increasing conflict like a litigious divorce can do, a collaborative divorce conducted in Dupage County can save a lot of time. Many collaborative divorces can be finished in a matter of months, whereas a court battle can increase the time by years. If you want out of your marriage faster, seek a collaborative divorce.
  4. Collaborative Divorce Reduces Animosity  — Conflict resolution is an important aspect of a collaborative divorce as are looking at all the factors in the settlement rather than the cause of the divorce which can bring in the blame game full force. By reducing the opportunity to place blame, and fight about the past, animosity is reduced greatly. Focusing on realistic solutions for the settlement during the collaborative divorce process, rather than why one is divorcing, is an essential element of reducing acrimony.
  5. Collaborative Divorce is More Private  — If you desire to divorce your spouse with your dignity intact, a collaborative divorce in DuPage county can help you maintain some respect. All parties are required to sign a participation agreement. They pledge to be reasonable on every issue and create proposals that are realistic and take into consideration the needs and abilities of each party.

While all meetings happen with you, your spouse and your team it’s resolved out of open court. The attorneys are further incentivized sometimes by signing an agreement to either resolve this in the collaborative process or the client has to find someone else to represent them in a contested case.

Kulerski and Cornelison has experienced collaborative divorce attorneys in DuPage County who will guide you and your spouse toward a mutually beneficial divorce with less cost, less trauma, less acrimony, and in less time while maintaining your dignity and privacy along the way.


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