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2 Popular Out-Of-Court Divorce Options in Illinois

dupage-county-lawyersWhen your marriage is beyond repair, and it is time to end it before making things worse, there are divorce options that do not include fighting it out in court. Rather than worsening a bad situation, the experienced lawyers at the Law Firm of Kulerski and Cornelison utilize the various methods of achieving a peaceful and civilized divorce available to residents of Illinois. You can save yourself some piece of mind and a lot of money with these alternatives to litigation. The reality is that the vast majority of “trial” divorces never actually make it to trial. Settlements are usually made between spouses and their lawyers before they ever make it to court. Yet some of these couples using other law firms are paying exorbitantly for their lawyers to prepare for a trial that never happens.

Collaborative Divorce

Rather than putting each other through the trauma of a potentially nasty court divorce, a collaborative divorce instead puts the power of settlement in the hands of the spouses. When seeking a collaborative divorce, spouses are agreeing to settle between themselves and the divorce lawyers at the Law Firm of Kulerski and Cornelison. There are no courts, and all parties agree to be non-confrontational. Collaborative divorce encourages spouses to sit down and discuss what they expect from each other during the divorce process and make their own settlement terms. Your lawyer will be trained in non-confrontational strategies, managing conflict, and mediating should problems arise. Collaborative divorce lawyers like the lawyers at Kulerski and Cornelison are committed to helping you settle your divorce as cooperatively as possible. To prove that commitment, they agree to step out, effectively firing themselves, should they not be able to deliver on a collaborative divorce.

Cooperative Divorce

Cooperative divorce law is a specific method of achieving a settlement that satisfies both parties. A cooperative divorce focuses on mutual cooperation from both sides, and creates an open and honest discussion so that everyone can settle the means to end the marriage. A cooperative divorce is similar to a collaborative divorce in that it eliminates the court proceedings of divorce litigation. It takes non-confrontation one step further by offering a gentler approach. More often than not, spouses agree on most settlement terms. The remaining issues just need to be talked out and agreed upon in an open and honest manner. To ensure the very most cooperation, a set of guidelines for how each party is expected to behave is put forth and agreed upon by each spouse. These guidelines outline conduct for respecting each other and promising full disclosure and cooperation. Divorce does not have to be as dramatic and painful as some trial divorce lawyers make it out to be. You can save yourself and your family the stress and drama by settling your terms cooperatively, with the help of trained and experienced divorce lawyers. Not to mention the sheer expense of a trial divorce that would probably never make it to trial in the end anyway.

Call today to discuss your options for a collaborative or cooperative divorce. You could potentially save yourself a ton of unnecessary stress, heartache, and money.


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